Smart Snacks® Counting Cookies™ Game

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Product Description

Fun board game teaches number sense, number identification, counting (1-10), matching and following directions. Double-sided cookie jar cards offer two levels of play.


     • Game board
     • 4 double sided cookie jars
     • 50 cookies
     • Spinner
     • Activity guide

Game board measures 13.75”D

For 2-4 players

Grades: PreK+

Common Core State Standards Alignment: Counting & Cardinality

Learning Style: Visual

Skill Development:

Basic Concepts- Students learn how to follow directions, how to sequence the steps to take a turn, and how to win and lose graciously.

Math- Two levels of play let students start slowly and move up to more advanced number skills and learn the correspondence between the number symbol and representation.

Fine Motor- Spinning the spinner and picking up and placing cookies all hone manual skills needed for daily living, like writing with a pencil or using a keyboard.