Progress: Poetry & Portraits by David Asimeng

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As we mature in life, we understand and envision the hidden potentials we could fulfill in life, whether it is in one area or multiple. As both a writer and an illustrator, David Asimeng as often struggled with reaching his potential and becoming a profound leader in both fields, often feeling inadequate compared to other artists or poets of our day. However, even though he realizes how much father he has to go, he also embraces how far he has come. This book is a testament of the progress of his art pieces as well as a collection of his poems that reveal his epiphanies, experiences and honest perspectives on the real world through his imagination. Some of the portraits and poems even collaborate to tell a complete story. If you're looking for an art book that depicts depression & hope, loss & life, struggle and strength then look no further. If you're looking for a poetry book filled with wordplay, allusions, rhyme schemes galore, then look no further. You've come to the right place to witness a person striving to reach his full potential and hopefully inspire others to reflect upon their progress as well.