Financial Fitness For Life - Student Workbook, Grades 3-5

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The Grades 3-5 Teacher’s Package gives you the ultimate
guide to productivity. You’ll receive a hard copy of:

• Grades 3-5 Teacher Guide
• Grades 3-5 Student Workbook
• Grades K-5 Parent Guide
• Financial Fitness for Life USB Flash Drive

You will also receive copyright permission to reproduce all of
the student worksheets.The Financial Fitness for Life grades
3-5 Teacher Guide and Student Workbook each contain 15
lessons. The teacher guide and student guide were designed
to work in tandem, and corresponding parent guides for the
K-5 and 6-12 grade levels contain activities to extend learning
into the home. The Financial Fitness for Life application,
available on Flash Drive, contains more than 120 lessons and
activities from all 8 teacher guides and student workbooks.
It also contains links to access additional related lessons and
standards correlations.