Dino Construction Company™ Rescue Crew—Blaze the Plesiosaurus Fireboat

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Ages 3-6

The Big Idea
When things heat up, he gets cookin’! With his rotating water spout* and movable neck and tail, Blaze the Plesiosaurus Fireboat bravely snuffs out fires on land or sea. Plus, he really floats!

Psst...They’re Learning!

  • Promotes imaginative play and storytelling
  • Encourages outdoor exploration and discovery
  • Helps develop fine and gross motor skills
  • Introduces cause and effect

Cut to the Chase

  • Cool and colorful rescue fireboat/dino mash-up, packed with moving parts—perfect for indoor and outdoor play
  • Fireboat includes water spout*; segmented, movable tail; opening jaws; tilting head; sliding neck; rolling wheels; and opening cab door
  • Dino-man action figure
  • Actually floats in water!