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Strategies for Success: A Roadmap for the Compliance Professional in Financial Services

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Brand:Author McCartney, Tanya

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This book is for persons who are in a compliance, anti-money laundering position, engaged in any way in the fight against financial crime or responsible for regulatory compliance. It is a practical guide for the compliance professional to aid in navigating the challenges which they face daily in risk management and mitigation. It is an effective resource that can be used when having to make difficult decisions or engaging in challenging conversations with colleagues. It should be your go-to when faced with a leadership challenge in your role. A quick reference guide for compliance professionals in financial services. Sharpen your skills to perform roles and responsibilities as it relates to the compliance function. This resource is a useful and strategic guide for individuals wishing to enter the compliance field and for those desiring to excel within the field. It answers the how in becoming a strong compliance leader and will assist with executing your mandate while cultivating the respect of your peers and those in the regulatory environment.
Author McCartney, Tanya
UPC: 1543992757
ISBN: 1543992757 Publisher: Bookbaby
Date Published: 012020
Binding: Hardcover
Language: English