VR/AR Creative Writing Workshop


To be a good writer you must have a love for word, but to be a great writer you must possess both passion and skill. Our writing workshops help achieve the balance necessary to bring our young writers forward.

EDOKIA is hosting a 6 week "IMMERSIVE LITERATURE" workshop meeting once weekly. Each session will have a different publishing theme. Participants will gain knowledge of VR/AR technology coupled with creative writing and illustration workshops. All of our instructors are leaders in their fields and are eager to share their knowledge!


VR/AR Workshop: Through the creation of their own story plot participants will learn the basics of virtual reality technology. They will learn to create an immersive 3D world and how to write scripts to create a functioning application. They will also be able to use and experience VR/AR technology first hand through the use of interactive games and books.


CREATIVE WRITING Workshop: Participants will explore the art of creative writing. They will design and bind their own journal which the will fill using a variety of prompts (journaling, music, brainstorming and surveying). Young writers will learn from beginning to end what it takes to complete a book. Each writer will publish a piece at the end of their session.


ILLUSTRATION Workshop: Writing a story is an art, illustration is the use of art with ART. During this workshop our young artist will develop multiple story lines (book, comic, motion graphic) and create interactive images to help the reader embark on the journey the author has designed. Participants will learn about fiction, nonfiction and compose a short bibliography designing all the pages along the way.



DATES: Ongoing

PRICE: 85 per class (packaging and payment plans available)

               Technology Fees, Trips, and Daily Snack & Refreshments Included

LOCATIONS: TBD (Brooklyn & Manhattan)