The Little Prince

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The little prince lives on a little asteroid, B612, which he shares with a vain flower and three volcanoes. From there he sets off on a voyage among the planets and “falls” to Earth, where he strikes up a close friendship with an aviator. The little prince discovers that, separated from the things that gave meaning to his daily life, that needed his care and provided his well-being, he feels more alone than ever. His conversations with the king who has no subjects, with the drunkard who drinks to escape the embarrassment of being a drunkard, etc., show the little prince that it is not worth living in isolation; it is ridiculous and useless. Later, his chats with the fox teach him that whoever forms a relationship is forever responsible for what he has created. Thus, having learned this lesson, and feeling overwhelmed by melancholy, the little prince decides to return home and he leaves us the possibility of sensing his presence each night in the starry sky.

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